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Executive Cloning

What is Executive Cloning?

Have You Ever Said to Yourself “I Wish I Had Another Me”?
Let’s face it. As An Executive, You Are An Idea Machine.
You Have Projects You’d Like to Tackle.
You Have Ideas You’d Like to Develop.
You’d Like To Provide And Demonstrate Real Value To Your Stakeholders and Other Executives.
The Problem?
Time and Expertise.
You Lack The Time Available To Invest In Those Ideas And Projects.
Also, You Don’t Have An Expert You Can Trust To Research And Executive On Those Ideas.
That’s Where I Come In.

Dear Fellow Business Executive,

I’ve built my business by providing high-level, personalized service to folks just like yourself. 

Periodically, I have a small opening in my schedule.  When that happens, I seek out one of the very rare executives who truly understands and appreciates what a having a clone of themselves can do not only for the performance of their organization or department, but for their personal career and compensation. 

If you’re that executive, we should talk.  Click here if you’re ready to schedule a brief call.


There is no cost to you for this introductory call.  In fact, it will likely pay you dividends.


(Due to overwhelming demand for our services and the need to provide our current clients with our full attention and exceptional service, we are not accepting new clients at this time.  

However, if you’re one of those rare, visionary executives who truly understands the value of the services we provide, please email us to be placed on our waitlist.  Periodically we have an opening, and we will contact when a spot becomes available.)


So, what do I do?

Should we decide to work together, I will personally act on your behalf to overtly, and in some cases covertly, take tasks off your plate to free up more of your time, as well as develop your ideas and projects that have been sidelined due to lack of time or available expertise to carry them out.


What is an executive ‘clone’?  


Consider this: have you ever wished that you had another YOU?


  • Someone who had the skills to take on the extra tasks for which you struggle to find time to accomplish; 

  • Someone who could take your ideas or potential opportunities that you’ve identified and develop those ideas and opportunities; 

  • Someone who could sit in on some of those time-consuming meetings, and report back to you with key information; and

  • Someone you could count on and who had the skills to deliver those tasks at a high level and on-time.


What are we talking about in terms of a strategy to improve performance and increase compensation?  Specifically, I will:

  • Help make your department more efficient and effective;

  • Help identify, develop, and implement big ideas that draw attention and make an impact;

  • Help identify and manage your key risks; 

  • Act as your right-hand man throughout the execution of all of this.


Obviously, I’ll need to gather much more information about you and your organization before I can get too specific.


For example, one of the questions I usually ask my clients is “if we were sitting here three years from now, what would have had to happen over those last three years in order for you to feel happy with the progress and results?  Specifically, 

• What risks or dangers do you have now that need to be eliminated?

• What opportunities need to be acted upon?

• What personal and department strengths need to be maximized?

• What are your biggest concerns / what keeps you up at night?

• What do you not have time to do right now?”


If we decide to proceed, we will revisit these questions and produce a set of goals and action items around them.  But in the meantime, I’ll provide you with a few details about what I can do.  There are dozens of potential items.  Here are just a few.

  • Manage the design and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, combined with design and implementation of improved processes and workflows, resulting in maximum ROI on your budget and your personal brand.

  • Manage your key vendors.

  • Act as an additional resource for your team.  For example:

    • How confident are you that your team are effectively managing your key vendors?

    • How confident are you that your team has the time to properly execute your key directives?

    • Could your team use a resource to provide perspective, critical items to consider, etc.

  • Risk identification and management.

  • Special projects, research, and analysis.

  • Documenting the results you and your department are producing.

  • Developing and implementing new, more efficient or effective processes.

  • Help you manage continual change and/or change management.

  • Problem analysis and recommendations.

  • Product assessments.


One by-product of all of this is that it will free up more of your time so you can focus on doing the most critical tasks and activities, including spending more time with your family.


If you are that very rare executive who truly understands and appreciates what executive cloning can do not only for the performance of your department, but for your career and personal compensation, we should talk.

Here’s how it works.  Simply click here and select one of the available slots on my calendar for an introductory call.  If there are no slots available, you’ll be added to the waiting list and I’ll get back to you on a first come first served basis.  If you’re having trouble accessing my calendar, please use our contact form on the contact page.

During the introductory call, I’ll get to know a little bit more about your situation and whether I think I can help.  I’ll learn about what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve. 


You’ll also get to know a bit more about me, and together we’ll decide if it makes sense to proceed with a meeting at your offices.

When we meet at your offices, whether or not we decide to work together, I’ll provide you with additional insights on how to maximize performance, reduce risk, and increase ROI.


At no cost to you.

(After doing this for over 34 years, I’ve gotten fairly good at not just helping organizations solve large, long-term challenges in this area, but at quickly assessing situations and providing some immediate feedback that you can use right away).


At the end of our meeting in your offices, one of two things will happen:

  1. You will more fully appreciate and understand the value these types of services can bring and have some tools and techniques for adding that value but decide you can handle them on your own. 

  2. You will more fully appreciate and understand the value these types of services can bring, and you ask to become my client so I can personally help you dramatically improve your performance, reduce risk, and increase ROI.

If that’s the case, I’m confident we’ll knock it out of the park.


It’s really that simple. No catch.

The worst that can happen is that you have some tools and more information to handle things on your own.  That information, if acted upon, can immediately save you money and time, and reduce your risk.


The best that can happen is we work together to substantially increase your performance, reduce risk, and increase ROI.

And here’s something even bigger to consider. 

What does it cost?

My fee for this specific service is generally around a few thousand dollars per month, depending on the scope of the project and services involved.  And that’s usually a drop in the bucket, especially when you consider all of the value that will be delivered.  


But the reality is that this really doesn’t cost you anything.


Here’s why…

Generally, I save my clients far more money, or help them attain far more via increases performance, risk reduction, increases in ROI, and even increases in compensation, by implementing strategies, processes, and controls, than they pay me in fees.  

Consequently, my fees are more like an investment, than a cost – an investment that pays dividends, in both the short and long-term.

If you are that very rare executive who truly understands and appreciates what a personalized strategy can do not only for the performance of their department, but for their personal compensation, we should talk.

Simply click here and select one of the available slots on my calendar.  If there are no slots available, you’ll be added to the waiting list.  If you’re having trouble accessing my calendar, please use our contact form on the contact page.

Obviously, this is an extremely limited opportunity, due to the fact that I rarely have openings in my schedule.  You see, I’m already delivering for other clients, and not only do they rarely let my services end, they are so thrilled with the results that they continue to ask me to help them in many other areas. 

And if you needed one more reason to schedule a call with me, here you go.  We are a small, specialized firm by design.  It allows me to do something absolutely none of the large consulting firms can ever do – provide you with personalized service.

When you sign up with one of those other firms, you’ll likely start out by dealing with an ‘account manager’; someone with little experience in the actual services being provided.  Their job is to ‘sell’ you on the services.  Once you are ‘sold’, you may never hear from that person again.

Next, they’ll send out one or two junior staff to deliver the services.  By junior staff I mean someone with less than 10 - 15 years’ experience.  Since they lack experience, (and by experience, I mean the kind of experience you get by being in the field for over 30 years), they’ll often take a ‘template’ approach to your situation.  That is, they’ll try to make your situation fit into their template.  It may or may not.

If anyone promises you that they can deliver what you need, without actually sitting down with you and having a detailed discussion, and without the persons who will actually be doing the work, well…let’s just say that isn’t your ideal situation.

Finally, due to their overhead, their fees tend to be exorbitant.

The bottom line?  I can only work with a few clients at a time, because my clients get me personally.  As much as I might like to work with many other companies, I simply can’t.


So, if you feel like this is right for you and your organization, let’s talk.


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